Sentence Examples with the word klondike

Are continuously navigable for suitable steamers, so that most of the traffic connected with the rich Klondike gold-fields passes over its waters.

The somewhat imperfect skull of an extinct species of musk-ox from the gravels of the Klondike has enabled Mr W.

White Pass (2888 ft.) and Chilkoot Pass (3500 ft.), at the head of the Lynn Canal, are the gateway to the mining country of the Klondike and Upper Yukon.

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Of the Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections) its describer refers the Klondike skull to a new genus, with the title Symbos tyrrelli, the specific name being given in honour of its discoverer.

He went with the first rush to Klondike in 1897 and tramped across the States and Canada, being in gaol more than once as a vagabond.

Sitka, Juneau (the capital) and Douglas, both centres of a rich mining district, Skagway, shipping point for freight for the Klondike country (see these titles), and St Michael, the ocean port for freighting up the Yukon, are the only towns apparently assured of a prosperous future.

Though settled somewhat earlier, Skagway first became important during the rush in 1896 for the Klondike gold-fields, for which it is the most convenient entrance by the trail over White Pass, the lower of the two passes to the headwaters of the Yukon.

As early as 1883-1885 there was a considerable mining excitement due to these discoveries, and a much greater one in 1887 after the discovery of coarse gold on Forty Mile Creek in American territory; but these were as nothing to the picturesque and feverish rush that followed the location of the first Klondike claim in Canadian territory in August 1896.

The Atlin and White Horse regions in northern British Columbia and southern Yukon have attracted much attention, and the Klondike placers still farther north have furnished many millions of dollars' worth of gold.

Very little was known about Alaska previous to 1896, when the gold discoveries in the Klondike stimulated public interest regarding it.