Sentence Examples with the word klein

One is that of Basel Stadt or Bale Ville, including, besides the city of Basel, the three rural districts (all to the north of the Rhine) of Riehen, Bettingen and Klein Huningen (the latter now united to the city).

Unlike Jacob Theodore Klein (1685-1759), whose careful.

The work was so far advanced that his pupil and assistant Felix Klein was able to complete and publish it (see Geometry, Line).

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This arose from the study by Felix Klein and Sophus Lie of a new theory of groups of substitutions; it was shown that there exists an invariant theory connected with every group of linear substitutions.

Among other Dutch words frequently used in place-names may be instanced: rhenoster (rhinoceros) olifant (elephant), mooi (pretty), modder (mud), klip (cliff), berg (mountain), burg or stad (town), zwart (black), klein (little), groote (great), breede (broad), nieuw (new), zuur (sour), bokke (buck).

The city is divided by the Rhine into Gross Basel (south) and Klein Basel (north), the former being by far the larger.

In 1886 he was chosen to succeed Felix Klein in the chair of geometry at Leipzig, but as his fame grew a special post was arranged for him in Christiania.

The central or main railway station is in Gross Basel, while the Baden station is in Klein Basel.