Sentence Examples with the word kitchener

Steevens, With Kitchener to Khartum (Edinburgh, 1898); Winston S.

The small force from the French Congo reached its destination, and a body of Abyssinian troops, accompanied by French officers, appeared for a short time a little higher up the river; but the grand political scheme was frustrated by the victorious advance of an AngloEgyptian force under General Kitchener and the resolute attitude of the British government.

The British troops were quickly sent down stream to Cairo, and the sirdar, shortly afterwards created Lord Kitchener of Khartum, was free to turn his attention to the reduction of the country to some sort of order.

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This fiscal policy he pursued during his three Federal premierships (1903-4, 1905-8, 1909-10), and he was also a strong supporter of Australia's cooperation in Imperial defence, being responsible for the acceptance of the measure authorizing Australian naval construction in 1909 and for the invitation to Lord Kitchener to come to Australia to report on the question of defence.

In 1896 Lord Salisburys government decided on extending the Anglo-Egyptian rule over the Sudan, and an expedition was sent from Egypt under the command of Sir Herbert (afterwards Lord) Kitchener to Khartum.

On Lord Kitchener going to South Africa at the close of 1899 he was succeeded as sirdar and governor-general by Major-General Sir F.

Lord Kitchener called for more men, and on the 22nd of December the war office announced that 30,000 more mounted men would be despatched to the seat of war.

The army concentrated at Akasha early in June, and on the 6th Kitchener moved to the attack of Firket 16 m.

It was not until after the arrival of Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener at Cape Town on the 10th of January 1900 that these invaluable, and many of them experienced, men were freely invited to come forward.

Disagreement among the khalifas generals postponed the dervish advance and gave Kitchener much-needed time.