Sentence Examples with the word kitchen door

Pierre wished to go away and conceal himself, but at that moment he saw Makar Alexeevich appearing at the open kitchen door with the pistol in his hand.

When the kitchen door opened suddenly, they jerked apart and turned guilty faces to Sarah, who's expression made it clear she had seen and comprehended their actions.

A strange commotion in the hallway drew him from his thoughts, and he pushed the kitchen door open.

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At the kitchen door she nearly ran into a dark form.

She jerked the kitchen door open, not realizing he was close until she heard his voice behind her.

Yancey was lounging against the kitchen door jam, his expression uncertain.

Cade came through the kitchen door and pitched his hat on the peg.

She stopped, suddenly aware that Cade was propped against the kitchen door jam, nursing a cup of coffee.

Adrienne swung around to find Brandon leaning against the kitchen door jam.