Sentence Examples with the word kitchen

She blew him a kiss and glided back to the kitchen with her tray.

Each is provided with its own brewhouse and bakehouse, and that for travellers of a superior order has a kitchen and storeroom, with bedrooms for their servants and stables for their horses.

Dean left the group for the kitchen and found Paulette Dawkins had beaten him there.

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His personality drew a number of strong men after him, and a society meeting held in a kitchen and then in a warehouse became the nucleus of a circuit, a chapel being built at Tunstall in July 1811, two months after the fusion of the Bourne and Clowes forces.

Mary entered the kitchen and frowned.

Little feet pounded across the living room into the kitchen and Destiny interrupted them in an excited voice.

Westlake took an immediate interest in four pieces of bargain glassware and a couple of tin kitchen utensils.

Claudette spoke sarcastically from the kitchen doorway.

I moved to the kitchen doorway while she removed the muffins.

She went to the kitchen to get a meal bar, nibbling on it as he settled near the trunks containing his gear.