Sentence Examples with the word kitab

As independent works they have almost entirely ceased to exist, but his account of the genealogies of the Arabs is continually quoted in the Kitab ul-Aghani.

See also Shahrastani, Kitab al-milal wannuhal (12th cent.), ed.

His work, the Kitab ul-Bayan wat-Tabyin, a discursive treatise on rhetoric, has been published in two volumes at Cairo (1895).

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About 1140), wrote in Arabic a philosophical work based on Greek and Arabic as well as Jewish authorities, known by the name of the Hebrew translation as Arugath ha-bosem, and the Kitab al-Mahadarah, of great value for literary history.

Van Vloten as Le Livre des beautes et des antitheses (Leiden, 1898); the Kitab ul -hala.

Of his lexicographical works the Kitab Muqaddimat ul-Adab was edited as Samachscharii Lexicon Arab.

He also wrote the Kitab ushShama'il on the character and life of Mahomet (printed at Calcutta, 1846).

In the 10th century Jacob al-Qirqisani wrote his Kitab al-anwar, on law, Solomon ben Yeruham (against Seadiah) and Yefet ben 'Ali wrote exegetical works; in the 11th century Abu'l-faraj Furgan, exegesis, and Yusuf al-Basir against Samuel ben Hophni.