Sentence Examples with the word kissing

He laughed, while kissing her hand.

Carmen leaned forward, softly kissing the baby on the forehead.

All four of us are kissing thirty, swinging on that cusp between frantic singles and life commitments.

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And then again weeks later when Josh had caught them kissing in the barn.

Carmen said, grabbing her hand and kissing the chubby little fingers.

She has flitted from object to object, asking the name of everything and kissing me for very gladness.

He deserved it for kissing her and making her feel things she never, ever, ever imagined she'd feel for any man, let alone a monster like him.

Cade was actually kissing her - and very well.

Their kissing turned to petting, and he pressed her back onto the couch.

He walked around the table purposefully and leaned down, kissing Carmen on the lips.