Sentence Examples with the word kiss

The use of sodium hyposulphite as solvent, and sodium sulphide as precipitant, was proposed in 1846 by Hauch and in 1850 by Percy, and put into practice in 1858 by Patera (Patera process); calcium hyposulphite with calcium polysulphide was first used by Kiss in 1860 (Kiss process, now obsolete); sodium hyposulphite with calcium polysulphide was adopted about 1880 by 0.

She lay limp in his arms, startled and afraid to respond - afraid the kiss meant nothing to him.

Remembering Len's suggestion that he might be in a witness protection program, she wondered if that innocent kiss might have ultimately put Yancey in danger.

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She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly then turned to Jessi and took the mug.

Claire greeted him with a kiss on his cheek and a look so smoldering it made Sofia blush.

My dear uncle Morrie,--I am happy to write you a letter, I do love you, and I will hug and kiss you when I see you.

I will hug and kiss little blind girls mr. anagnos will come to see me.

Sometimes the old count would come up, kiss Prince Andrew, and ask his advice about Petya's education or Nicholas' service.

Just as Dean turned to kiss her, they both heard the distinct sound of a footfall outside the tent.

He leaned down to kiss her lips and she bared clenched teeth.