Sentence Examples with the word kingship

Thou didst choose David as king over Israel, and swarest unto him concerning his seed for ever that his kingship should never fail before Thee.

The Hova, during the 19th century, embraced Christianity, but retain, nevertheless, many of their old animistic beliefs; their original social organization in three classes, andriana or nobles, Nova or freemen, and andevo or slaves, has been modified by the French, who have abolished kingship and slavery.

The narration of Herodotus is only a popular tradition which derives the origin of kingship from its judicial functions, considered as its principal and most beneficent aspect.

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Never realized in the imperfect kingship of the past.

Of the revived Empire with the German kingship brought the latter into uninterrupted contact with the papacy.

Rev. xvi., 1902, p. 365, where the whole evidence is very fully collected; and Frazer's Studies in the Early History of Kingship (1907), where he accepts Cook's criticism of his own earlier theory.

To take his kingship in earnest, thinking to cure him by war of his effeminate passions; and, in the spring of 1744, the kings grave illness at Metz gave a momentary hope of reconciliation between him and the deserted queen.

The development of feudal society, of centralizing kingship and ultimately of a system of common law, brought about great changes which all hinge on the fundamental fact that the kings, while increasing the power of the state in other respects, surrendered it completely as regards the relations between the peasants and their lords.

Still, certain disturbances made him see that aristocratic approval of his kingship might be strengthened if it could claim a divine sanction which no Merovingian had ever received.

In consequence of these raids the German element of population in Upper Silesia permanently lost ground; and a complete restitution of the Slavonic nationality seemed imminent on the appointment of the Hussite, George Podiebrad, to the Bohemian kingship in 1457.