Sentence Examples with the word kingly

Darnley had taken on him (his one act of kingly power) to dismiss the parliament, but he now found himself the mere tool of his accomplices.

It is quite in harmony with these statements that many Northern and probably all the Anglo-Saxon kingly families traced their origin to the gods.

Agathocles now put his name, first without, and then with, the kingly title, though never his own likeness - Hiero II.

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Offa's policy was apparently the extinction of the dependent kingdoms. In his reign the dynasties of Kent, Sussex and the Hwicce seem to have disappeared, or at all events to have given up the kingly title.

When his father died in 78, he was by his mother forthwith appointed high priest, and on her death in 69 he claimed the succession to the supreme civil authority also; but, after a brief and troubled reign of three months, he was compelled to abdicate both kingly and priestly dignities in favour of his more energetic and ambitious younger brother Aristobulus II.

Hated all kingly duties; he detested war, but he detested even more the routine work of administration.

His personal beauty, his keen intelligence, his scholarship, his love of music and the arts, his kingly ambition, were all obvious enough.

From this time till the fall of the Lombard power before the arms of their rivals the Franks under Charles the Great, the kingly rule continued.

Again, it is sometimes thoughtthat both nobility and aristocracy are in some special way connected with kingly government.

Of Levi), its very character, in common with the high priest's status, combines kingly and priestly powers in a manner which is impossible for the period (about 15th-13th cent.).