Sentence Examples with the word king james

In the centre of this group is King James (q.v.) himself, poet and writer of prose; but he yields in literary competence to Alexander Scott and Alexander Montgomerie.

The death of his patrons, the duke of Richmond and the marquess of Hamilton, and of King James put an end to his hopes of political preferment; moreover he probably distrusted the conduct of affairs under the new reign.

They were rejected both by Queen Elizabeth, and, after the Hampton Court Conference petitioned about them, by King James I.

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When the cause of King James was ruined in Ireland, Sarsfield arranged the capitulation of Limerick and sailed to France on the 22nd of December 1691 with many of his countrymen who entered the French service.

The Bohemians refused to acknowledge him as their king and elected in his stead Frederick V., the elector palatine of the Rhine, a son-inlaw of the English king James I., and the Hungarians and the Austrians were hardly less disaffected.

ANDREW FORMAN (c. 1465-1521), Scottish ecclesiastic, was educated at the university of St Andrews and entered the service of King James IV.

Some years later, having gained meanwhile a reputation as a theological controversialist and become a person of importance among the Nonconformists, he attracted the notice of the earl of Shaftesbury and the party which favoured the exclusion of the duke of York (afterwards King James II.) from the throne, and he began to write political pamphlets just at the time when the feeling against the Roman Catholics was at its height.

The dedication of his edition of Rosinus' Antiquitatum Romanorum corpus absolutissimum to King James I.

The additions of Bower form eleven books, and bring down the narrative to the death of King James I.

Ultimately bannerets obtained a place in the feudal hierarchy between barons and knights bachelors, which has given rise to the idea that they are the origin of King James I.'s order of baronets.