Sentence Examples with the word kinetic energy

During the quarter swing ending with greatest nodal pressure, the kinetic energy is changed to potential energy manifested in the increase of pressure.

In the motion which can be solved by the elliptic function, the most general expression of the kinetic energy was shown by A.

The kinetic energy per cubic centimetre is 2 pu t, where is the density and u is the velocity of disturbance due to the passage of the wave.

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If mechanical work or kinetic energy is directly converted into heat by friction, reversal of the motion does not restore the energy so converted.

These theorems, which hold for the motion of a single rigid body, are true generally for a flexible system, such as considered here for a liquid, with one or more rigid bodies swimming in it; and they express the statement that the work done by an impulse is the product of the impulse and the arithmetic mean of the initial and final velocity; so that the kinetic energy is the work done by the impulse in starting the motion from rest.

In some cases, as when heat is converted into the kinetic energy of moving machinery or the potential energy of raised weights, there is an ascent of energy from the less available form of heat to the more available form of mechanical energy, but in all cases this is accompanied by the transfer of other heat from a body at a high temperature to one at a lower temperature, thus losing availability to an extent that more than compensates for the rise.

If a body whose mass is m grammes be moving with a velocity of v centimetres per second relative to the earth, the available kinetic energy possessed by the system is Zmv 2 ergs if m be small relative to the earth.

Thus the estimation of kinetic energy is intimately affected by the choice of our base of measurement.

Available kinetic energy is possessed by a system of two or more bodies in virtue of the relative motion of its parts.

Conversely, if the kinetic energy T is expressed as a quadratic function of x, x x3, y1, y2, y3, the components of momentum, the partial differential coefficient with respect to a momentum component will give the component of velocity to correspond.