Sentence Examples with the word kinematics

Three-dimensional kinematics of a rigid body.

Also, everything relating to change of systems of axes, as for instance in the kinematics of a rigid system, where we have constantly to consider one set of rotations with regard to axes fixed in space, and another set with regard to axes fixed in the system, is a matter of troublesome complexity by the usual methods.

The separation of kinematics from dynamics is due mainly to 0.

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Plane Kinematics of a Rigid Body.The ideal rigid body, is one in which the distance between any two points is invariable.

Balls highly original investigations in kinematics and dynamics were published in collected form under the title Theory of Screws (Cambridge, 1900).

Plane kinematics of a rigid body.

Franz Reuleauxs Kinematics of Machinery, translated by Sir A.