Sentence Examples with the word kindergarten

She was a firm believer in Froebel's system and wrote a short memoir of him, and several books on kindergarten methods.

No, I don't want any more kindergarten materials.

No machine will ever be a kindergarten teacher.

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Finally I remembered the kindergarten beads, and set her to work stringing them.

The Milwaukee public school system comprises four high schools, a high school of trades, and in addition to the ordinary grades, a kindergarten department and day schools for the blind and deaf.

He was admitted to the kindergarten on the sixth of April.

In May, 1892, Helen gave a tea in aid of the kindergarten for the blind.

She paused, afraid of where this doorway led, and steadied her breathing before stepping through, at once disoriented to appear in a small kindergarten class.

Among her publications are: Kindergarten in Italy (1872); Reminiscences of William Ellery Channing (1880); Lectures in the Training Schools for Kindergartners (1888); and Last Evening with Allston, and other Papers (1886).

I am sitting by the window and the beautiful sun is shining on me Teacher and I came to the kindergarten yesterday.