Sentence Examples with the word kidnap

He had interviews with the prince of Orange, with Casimir who was there in the interests of Protestant Germany, with Anjou who came in his own interests or in those of France, and with Don John, who nominally governed the country in Philip's name; the story that he instigated a plot to kidnap or murder Don John is without foundation.

Northumberland had miscalculated the temper of the nation, and failed to kidnap Mary.

Attracted by his gifts, pirates from the North Sea kidnap the boy, but terrified by the storms which subsequently beset them, put him ashore on the coast of Cornwall, whence he finds his way to the court of his uncle King Mark.

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Xander suspected Damian was right; Jonny didn't have to kidnap Ashley.

Joseph incurs the ill-will of his brethren because of Israel's partiality or because of his significant dreams. He is at Shechem or at Dothan; and when the brothers seek to slay him, Judah proposes that he should be sold to Ishmaelites, or Reuben suggests that he should be cast into a pit, where Midianites find and kidnap him (xxxvii., cf.

Tried to kidnap Angus and his brother, Sir George.

Not your usual kidnap victim.

They schemed to kidnap the king as vainly as Henry VIII.

The English fared ill, and Henry horrified his council by his usual proposal to kidnap the king of Scotland.

A revolutionary conspiracy among the officers of the guard, and a foolish plot to kidnap him on his way to the congress of Aix-la-Chapelle, are said to have shaken the foundations of his Liberalism.