Sentence Examples with the word kid

While it was a nice ending, Dean didn't kid himself that he'd won the confrontation.

It was never clear if that was the case and the kid lucked out, but Dean used the excuse of mock consternation to excuse himself and walk uptown to telephone Cynthia.

A kid who stole matches so he could light spiders on fire and watch how far they ran.

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Betsy bounced up and down like a kid on a trampoline while Martha looked in awe.

The poor kid didn't even have a real birthday, only the arbitrarily chosen date of January 1st.

He was a foster kid and didn't travel in our circles.

Even so, her own fate was nothing like Jonny's, a good kid who would be forced to take on the Black God's mantle and spearhead the forces of evil.

The kid was adorable, with dark eyes and hair, sun-kissed skin, and a round face.

You wouldn't think skiing the bunny slope with a kid is any fun but I got a hell of a kick out of it.

Lifting the kid into her arms again, she hopped and limped a few steps, rested and moved again.