Sentence Examples with the word kicking

After all, the thought of kicking the annoying woman, Toni, out of Xander's bed and apartment sounded really appealing.

She recalled clearly the decision she'd forced him to make and kicking him out of her bed, the moment he resigned his soul to her to save his friend's life.

The horse performed some wonderful kicking and even Eureka assisted when she leaped bodily upon the Gargoyles and scratched and bit at them like a wild-cat.

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He snatched the soul and shoved off from the bottom of the lake, kicking upwards.

The most noted of the Alberta passes are (I) the Crow's Nest Pass, near the southern boundary line, through which a branch of the Canadian Pacific railway runs; (2) the Kicking Horse Pass, through which the main line of the Canadian Pacific railway is built; 40 m.

Carmen mounted and turned Ed toward the field, kicking him into a lope.

If it's not them, it was Xander kicking my ass in the gym.

He eyed her a moment longer and then sat down on the edge of the bed, kicking his slippers off.

If Kris didn.t call the Council together, Rhyn would drag his bastard brothers kicking and screaming to the castle, dangle them over the forest of demons, and offer them a choice: him or the demons.

A few minutes later she was kicking snow around in the chicken yard until the toe of her boot struck something solid.