Sentence Examples with the word khanate

It ended, in February 1876, by the capture of Andijan and Khokand and the annexation of the Khokand khanate to Russia.

The khanate is of importance as being one of the most northern in Afghanistan, on the Russian border.

NUKHA, a town of Russian Caucasia, in the government of Elizavetpol, and previous to 1819 the capital of the khanate of Sheki, lying 57 m.

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He next travelled into Kipchak (the Mongol khanate of Russia), and joined the camp of the reigning khan Mahommed Uzbeg, from whom the great and heterogeneous Uzbeg race is perhaps named.

In 1873 Khiva was invaded, and as much of the khanate as lay on the right bank of the Oxus was incorporated into the Russian empire, a portion being afterwards made over to Bokhara.

GOLDEN HORDE, the name of a body of Tatars who in the middle of the 13th century overran a great portion of eastern Europe and founded in Russia the Tatar empire of khanate known as the Empire of the Golden Horde or Western Kipchaks.

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The khanate closely connected with the history of Russia was that of Kipchak or the Golden Horde, the khans of which settled, as we have seen, on the lower Volga and built for themselves a capital called Sarai.

SHIBARGHAN, a town and khanate of Afghan Turkestan.

ANDKHUI, a town and khanate in Afghan Turkestan.