Sentence Examples with the word ketone

With nitrous acid (obtained from amyl nitrite and gaseous hydrochloric acid, the ketone being dissolved in acetic acid) they form isonitroso-ketones, R CO CH:NOH (L.

Quinite (cyclo-hexanediol-i 4) is prepared by reducing the corresponding ketone with sodium amalgam, cis-, and trans-modifications being obtained which may be separated by their acetyl derivatives.

These alkyl substitution products are important, for they lead to the synthesis of many organic compounds, on account of the fact that they can be hydrolysed in two different ways, barium hydroxide or dilute sodium hydroxide solution giving the socalled ketone hydrolysis, whilst concentrated sodium hydroxide gives the acid hydrolysis.

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The reaction appears to be perfectly general unless the ketone contains two ortho-substituent groups.

It also acts as a chromogenic centre when double bonds or ethylenic linkages are present, as in fluorene ketone or fluorenone.

The trioses are the aldehyde and ketone mentioned above as oxidation products of glycerin.

It forms a benzal compound, and gives an oyxmethylene derivative and cannot be oxidized to an acid, reactions which point to it being a ketone containing the grouping -CH 2 CO-.

For dimethyl ketone or acetone, see Acetone.

Considerably greater than the alcohol group. The ketone group corresponds to a thermal effect of 53.52 calories.

It shows characteristic ketone reactions, yielding a bisulphite compound and combining with hydrocyanic acid to form the nitrile of a-oxyisosuccinic acid.