Sentence Examples with the word kern

Gold is found in the districts of Kola, naphtha and salt in those of Kern and Pinega, and lignite in Mezen.

The Kern river field is the most important in the state and one of the greatest in the world.

Amongst the principal masters in the school were Professors Kern and F.

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Tulare lake, which with Buena Vista lake and Kern lake receives the drainage of the southern Sierra, shows extreme local variations of shore-line, and is generally believed to have shrunk extremely since 1850, though of this no adequate proof yet exists.

In 192 m., and from the mouth of the San Joaquin southward to Kern lake it is 282 ft.

Fall, which covers all the rest of the state save Inyo, Kern and San Bernardino counties, Imperial county and the eastern portion of Riverside county; the precipitation of this belt is from o to 10 in.

Meinardus, Der historische Kern der Rattenfdngersage (Hameln, 1882); Jostes, Der Rattenfdnger von Hameln (Bonn, 1885); and S.

The Sierra proper, from Lassen's Peak to Tehachapi Pass in Kern county, is about 430 m.

Under all circumstances we must imitate the ancient authors in holding fast to the historic personality of Zoroaster; though he - like many another name of the dim past - has failed to escape the fate of being regarded as a purely mythical creation (for instance, by Kern and by Darmesteter, in the Sacred Books of the East, vol.