Sentence Examples with the word kennedy

Mr Kennedy lost his life in 1848, being killed by the natives while attempting to explore the peninsula of Cape York, from Rockingham Bay to Weymouth Bay.

General Sabine, Sir John Franklin, Prof. Selim Lemstrom, Dr David Walker (at Fort Kennedy in 1858-1859), Captain Parry (Fort Bowen, 1825) and others - have seen aurora below the clouds or between themselves and mountains.

Was spoken of, but Kennedy would not meet the English, and in March 1463 the English treaty with Douglas and the Celts was ratified.

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ANDREW KENNEDY HUTCHISON BOYD (1825-1899), Scottish author and divine, was born at Auchinleck manse in Ayrshire on the 3rd of November 1825.

Patten in 1824; whilst in 1881 Rankine Kennedy resuscitated the idea for the purpose of exhausting filament electric lamps.

In the construction of the Scottish Reform Act Kennedy took a prominent part; indeed he and Lord Cockburn may almost be regarded as its authors.

For four months before the raid Brown and his men lived on the Kennedy Farm, in Washington county, Maryland, about 4 m.

Several of the writers named belong to an earlier period; of many of the others we know little or nothing; and of the best known, such as Walter Kennedy and Quintyn Schaw, it would be hard to say that they are not as uniformly dull as any of Occleve's southern contemporaries.

The so-called bay narrows northward into the strait successively known as Smith Sound, Kane Basin, Kennedy Channel and Robeson Channel.

In the spirit of that time, the audacity and the unwavering confidence, John F. Kennedy told the world of plans to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.