Sentence Examples with the word kef

The principal ranges of the Little Atlas - from west to east - are the Tlemcen (5500 ft.); the Warsenis (with Kef Sidi Omar, 650o ft.); the Titeri (4900 ft.); the Jurjura, with the peak of Lalla Kedija (7542 ft.) and Mount Babor (6447 ft.); and the Mejerda (3700 ft.), which extends into Tunisia.

A branch from the Kef line runs to the phosphate mines of Kalaa-Jerda.

In 1906 was opened a continuation of the line from Pont du Fahs to Kef and thence southwest to Kalaat-es-Senam, a place midway between Kef and Tebessa, the centre of the Algerian phosphate region.

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Iron is worked in the Kef district.