Sentence Examples with the word keep on

After the Puritan army had been disbanded, the king resolved to keep on foot a petty force of 5000 men, and he had much difficulty in providing for it out of a revenue which had not been intended by those who voted it to be used for such a purpose.

Partly by clever diplomacy, partly through the troubles caused by the Gaulish invasion and by the dissensions among the rival kings, Philetaerus contrived to keep on good terms with his neighbours on all sides (283-263 B.C.).

But we keep on trying because we know that others have succeeded, and we are not willing to acknowledge defeat.

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The weather was very clear and fine, but so intolerably cold that we were obliged to keep on our fur clothing.

Estimable in private life, he was highly susceptible in professional matters, and hence failed to keep on terms with his contemporaries.

By the compact of Farkashida (1490) Wladislaus not only confirmed all the Matthian privileges, but also repealed all the Matthian novelties, including the system of taxation which had enabled his predecessor to keep on foot an adequate national army.

And we both know if Shipton is a beater, chances are good she'll just keep on taking it, until he kills her or gets what he wants.

It is very difficult at first to form them plainly, but if we keep on trying it gradually becomes easier, and after a great deal of practice we can write legible letters to our friends.

If you don't stand up and demand a change, he'll keep on doing it.

Flanders was still the greatest customer of England, and it was therefore necessary above all things to keep on good terms with the archduke Philip, the son of Maximilian, who on coming of age had taken over the rule of the Netherlands from his father.