Sentence Examples with the word keble

If Keble is to be reckoned, as Newman would have it, as the primary author of the movement, it was from Pusey that it received one of its best known names, and in Newman that it soon found its genuine leader.

No other public event ever affected Keble so deeply as the secession of Newman to the Church of Rome in 1845.

After his election to the Oriel fellowship Keble gained the University prizes, both for the English essay and also for the Latin essay.

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Oriel College was, at the time when Keble became a fellow, the centre of all the finest ability in Oxford.

Newman's secession in 1845 placed Manning in a position of greater responsibility, as one of the High Church leaders, along with Pusey and Keble and Marriott; but it was with Gladstone and James Hope (afterwards Hope-Scott) that he was at this time most closely associated.

The contemporary poets whom Keble most admired were Scott, Wordsworth and Southey; and of their influence traces are visible in his diction.

These volumes revealed the author as the most gifted of the immediate disciples of Wordsworth, with a warmer colouring and more pronounced ecclesiastical sympathies than the master, and strong affinities to Tennyson, Keble and Monckton Milnes.

In the late autumn of the latter year, Keble left Hursley for the sake of his wife's health, and sought the milder climate of Bournemouth.

Towards the close of 1831 Keble was elected to fill the chair of the poetry professorship in Oxford, as successor to his friend and admirer, Dean Milman.

Against the spirit which would treat the church as the mere creature of the state Keble had long chafed inwardly, and now he made his outward protest, asserting the claim of the church to a heavenly origin and a divine prerogative.