Sentence Examples with the word keaton

Maybe Keaton would know.

Unwilling to go on, she stopped and hugged herself, watching Keaton plunge into the water.

She explained why she was in Fayetteville and mentioned that Keaton had braved the storm to be with her.

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Water splashed as Keaton strode toward her and strong hands gripped her arms, lifting her to her feet.

After breakfast Keaton retrieved a portable razor from his car.

Hopefully Dad would talk to Keaton and there would be no more cat and mouse games.

From the corner of her eye she saw Keaton select a rock from the drive and throw it into the woods.

She called to Keaton as she cleaned up the mess.

But then, Keaton wasn't seeing her because he was attracted to her.

If only she could believe that Keaton was genuinely interested in her.