Sentence Examples with the word karen

The Red Karen women weave their own and their husbands' clothing.

Only in tho secluded districts of northern Media (Tabaristan), the generals of the house of Karen (Spahpat, Ispehbed) maintained themselves for a century as vassals of the caliphs exactly as Atropates and his dynasty had done before them.

The Karen Christian communities are strong numerically and have a good name for self-support.

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The northern portion of the Karen hills is at present dealt with on the principle of political as distinguished from administrative control.

A characteristic manufacture is the pa-si or Karen metal drum, which is made at Ngwedaung.

The birth-rate of the people is considered to exceed the death-rate by very little, and the Red Karen habit of life is most unwholesome.

On the east the Kachin, Shan and Karen hills, extending from the valley of the Irrawaddy into China far beyond the Salween gorge, form a continuous barrier and boundary, and tail off into a narrow range which forms the eastern watershed of the Salween and separates Tenasserim from Siam.

The Suren (Surenas, vide supra, p. 798) and Karen (Carenes, Tac. Ann.

A peculiar variety of wild dog exists in the Karen hills of Burma, thus described from a specimen in confinement.