Sentence Examples with the word kara sea

The vessels got clear of the ice, and proceeded early in Aug., passed through the Kara Sea without encountering ice, and reached Archangel in Sept.

A most interesting and adventurous episode in connexion with Russian trade was the effort repeated over several successive years by the late Captain Wiggins to convey tea entirely by sea from Chinese ports around the North Cape and through the Kara Sea to the Obi and Yenisei rivers.

The vessel was beset in the ice in the Kara Sea in lat.

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It is bounded by the Arctic Ocean; the islands of NovayaZemlya, Kolguyev and Vaigach also belong to it, but the Kara Sea is reckoned to Siberia.

In 1768 the Russian Lieutenant Rozmyslov reached Goose Land and penetrated into the Kara Sea by the Matochkin Shar, where he spent the winter; in the following year he pursued the exploration of the Kara Sea, but was compelled to return and abandon his ship. The first real scientific information about the island is due to the expeditions (1821-1824) of Count Feodor Petrovich Liitke (1797-1882), after whom part of the N.