Sentence Examples with the word kansas

In 1866 Kansas City was entered by the first railway from St Louis; 1867 saw the beginning of the packing industry; in 1869 a railway bridge across the Missouri assured it predominance over Leavenworth and St Joseph; and since that time - save for a depression shortly after 1890, following a real-estate boom - the material progress of the city has been remarkable; the population increased from 4418 in 1860 to 32,260 in 1870, 55,785 in 1880, and 13 2, 716 in 1890.

In 1907 the Supreme Court of the United States declared that Colorado had diverted waters of the Arkansas, but, since it had not been shown that Kansas had suffered, the case was dismissed, without prejudice to Kansas, should it be injured in future by diversion of water from the river.

In the chariot rode Ozma and Dorothy, the former in splendid raiment and wearing her royal coronet, while the little Kansas girl wore around her waist the Magic Belt she had once captured from the Nome King.

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In1906-1907there was a notable agitation for improvement, following trial voyages that proved the navigability of the Missouri up to Kansas City.

Fred had phoned a number of places in Rollins and Hays, Kansas the previous day but found no information on the disposal of the motor home.

In1831-1832Joseph Smith, the Mormon leader, selected a tract at the mouth of the Kansas river as the site of the New Jerusalem, to which his followers came from Ohio in 1832.

The diversion of the waters of the Arkansas led to the bringing of a suit against Colorado by Kansas in the United States Supreme Court in 1902, on the ground that such diversion seriously and illegally lessened the waters of the Arkansas in Kansas.

He naturally opposed the Kansas Nebraska Bill of 1854, which repealed the Missouri Compromise and established the principle of popular sovereignty in the Territories.

Bank of the Kansas river, just above its mouth.

But William C. Quantrell, after sacking various small Kansas towns along the Missouri river (1862-63), in August 1863 took Lawrence (q.v.) and put it mercilessly to fire and sword - the most ghastly episode in border history.