Sentence Examples with the word kangaroo

The kangaroo and most of its congeners show an extraordinary disproportion of the hind limbs to the fore part of the body.

Of the Dutch discoverers, Pelsaert was the only one who made any detailed observations of the character of the country inland, and it may here be remarked that his journal contains the first notice and description of the kangaroo that has come down to us.

The best-known species, Lumholtz' tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi), is found in North Queensland.

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The chief suburbs are Kangaroo Point, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Red Hill, Paddington, Milton, Toowong, Breakfast Creek, Bulimba, Woolloongabba, Highgate Hill and Indooroopilly.

Its animal life is in the main distinguished in species only from that of the Upper Sonoran belt, including among birds, the desert sparrow, desert thrasher, mocking-bird, hooded oriole; and among mammals small nocturnal species of kangaroo rats, pocket mice, mice and bats.

Their nets, made by women, either of the tendons of animals or the fibres of plants, will catch and hold the kangaroo or the emu, or the very large fish of Australian rivers.

The great red kangaroo (M.

Some of its characteristic mammals and birds are the long-eared desert fox, four-toed kangaroo rats, Sonoran pocket mice, big-eared and tiny white-haired bats, road runner, cactus wren, canyon wren, desert thrashers, hooded oriole, black-throated desert sparrow, Texas night-hawk and Gambels quail.

Characteristic forms of the Upper Sonoran zone are the burrowing owl, Nevada sage-thrush, sagethrasher and special species of orioles, kangaroo rats, mice, rabbits and squirrels.

Fossil bones of extinct kangaroo species are met with; these kangaroos must have been of enormous size, twice or thrice that of any species now living.