Sentence Examples with the word kama

Which separate the mouths of the Oka and the Kama and took possession of Kazan.

The Ural industry is the older, and is still conducted on primitive methods, wood being largely used for fuel, and the ore and metals being transported by water down the Kama and other rivers.

ELABUGA, a town of Russia, in the government of Vyatka, on the Kama river, 201 m.

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Used to strike off from the Kama eastwards, and Ekaterinburg, on the eastern slope of the Urals.

The river is navigable for 770 m.; grain and a variety of goods conveyed from the upper Kama are floated down, while furs, fish and other products of the sea are shipped up the river to be transported to Cherdyn on the Kama.

The sources of the Don interlace with the tributaries of the Oka, while the upper tributaries of the Kama join those of the N.

The White Sea has also been brought into connexion with the central Volga basin while the sister-river of the Volga - the Kama - became the main artery of communication with Siberia.

By 1560 all the Finnic and Tatar tribes between the Oka and the Kama had become Russian subjects.

After the conquest of the Kazan Empire by Russia, part of them migrated north-eastwards to the basins of the Kama and Byelaya, and thus the Meshchers divided into two branches.

From remote antiquity Russian merchants were wont to meet in summer with those from the East at different places on the Volga, between the mouths of the Oka and the Kama - the fair changing its site with the increasing or decreasing power of the nationalities which struggled for the possession of the middle Volga.