Sentence Examples with the word juxtaposition

The juxtaposition of the judicatures may, however, have led to some confusion between them.

Nothing new comes or can come into being; the only change that can occur is a change in the juxtaposition of element with element.

The atomist has an easy answer; he says that the new body is made up by the juxtaposition of the atoms of iodine and mercury, which still exist in the red powder.

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The solid alloy consists of crystals of pure tin in juxtaposition with crystals of almost pure lead and bismuth, these two metals dissolving each other in solid solution to the extent of a few per cent only.

The mountain group of North Wales is the largest and loftiest; its scenery resembles that of the Scottish Highlands because of the juxtaposition of ancient Palaeozoic rocks - Cambrian and Ordovician, often altered into slate - and contemporaneous volcanic outbursts and igneous intrusions.

This has been so usually confounded with the 20.63 family, owing to the juxtaposition of 28 digits with that cubit in Egypt, that it should be observed how the difficulty of their incommensurability has been felt.

In her internal government she showed herself anxious to promote the prosperity of her people, and to give more unity to an administration made up by the juxtaposition of many states and races with different characters and constitutions.

If we set aside such transcendental conditions as belong to sensibility or to the receptive phase of mind and are the presuppositions of juxtaposition of parts, the remainder are ascribable to spontaneity or understanding, to thought with its unifying, organizing or focussing function, and their elucidation is the problem of transcendental analytic. It is still logic, indeed, when we are occupied with the transcendent objects of the discursive faculty as it is employed beyond the limits of experience where it cannot validate its ideas.

P's account of the manna, however, can hardly have stood originally in close juxtaposition with his account of the quails (cf.

It has been a juxtaposition of separate and generally hostile peoples in territories bound under one rule by the military sway of a dominant race.