Sentence Examples with the word jutting

His furtive eyes and jutting chin capture the two sides of the man: a craven, clever bully.

The capital, St George, in the south-west, is built upon a lava peninsula jutting into the sea and forming one side of its landlocked harbour.

Is built on a rocky peninsula jutting out to the east, near the mouth of the Rio Grande and at the foot of Mt Ancon (560 ft.).

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It is a diamond-shaped peninsula jutting out from the mainland in a north-easterly direction, the longer axis, from Muir of Ord station to the South Sutor at the entrance to Cromarty Firth, measuring 20 m., and the shorter, from Ferryton Point to Craigton Point, due north and south, 12 m., and it has a coastline of 52 m.

Above lake-level, jutting into the small bay of Ugowe, at the north-east end of Kavirondo Gulf, is the point where the railway terminates.

The fortress - Demir Kule or Iron Castle, which, like the principal seraglio, was built on a promontory jutting into the lake - is now in ruins.

Of the sea portal stand the Morro, a picturesque fort (built 1633 seq.), on a jutting point 200 ft.

Sami grimaced, as if annoyed rather than in pain, but otherwise ignored the arrows jutting from his back.

It stands on undulating and easily drained ground, upon a bed of sandstone rock, on a peninsula jutting into one of the deepest, safest and most beautiful harbours in the world; and in addition it lies in the centre of a great carboniferous area.

The town is situated on a promontory jutting north-west into the Bay of Biscay and on the coast which extends on each side of it.