Sentence Examples with the word jutland

From the south-east the chain of islands forming insular Denmark extends towards Sweden, the strait between Jutland and Fiinen having the name of the Little Belt.

On the islands and in the more fertile part of Jutland the average is about 10 Td.

Besides the numerous steam-ferries which connect island and island, and Jutland with the islands, and the Gjedser-Warnemiinde route, a favourite passenger line from Germany is that between Kiel and KorsOr, while most of the German Baltic ports have direct connexion with Copenhagen.

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Allusion has been made already to the efforts to plant the extensive heaths in Jutland with pine-trees.

The Danish portion is the northern and the greater, and is called Jutland (Dan.

The Danish army at once dispersed and the duchy of Bremen was recovered by the Swedes, who in the early autumn swarmed over Jutland and firmly established themselves in the duchies.

Two railways run north to Aalborg, continuing the main East Jutland line from the south, and an eastward branch serves Grenaa and Aebeltoft on the coast.

In Europe there is good reason to suppose that it includes Shetland; but it is on the north-western coast of the Continent, from Jutland to the extreme north of Norway, that the greatest number are reared.

It has a station on the railway route between Copenhagen and Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein via Korsor.

Eastern Denmark was in the hands of one magnate; another magnate held Jutland and Fiinen in pawn; the dukes of Schleswig were practically independent of the Danish crown; the Scandian provinces had (1332) surrendered themselves to Sweden.