Sentence Examples with the word just now

She was fully a part of him when they touched, as if he'd been missing more than a piece of his soul all these years and just now realized it.

She's just now beginning to see things clearly for the first time in weeks.

You didn't want to go out to dinner with me, and just now you practically cringed when I touched you.

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In addition to the nerves starting from the brain-lobes just now especially mentioned, there is a double apparatus which can hardly be treated of in conjunction with the sense organs, because its sensory functions have not been sufficiently made out, and which will therefore rather be considered along with the brain and central nervous system.

His gaze was intent, and she suspected he'd just now reached that decision.

All were out of sight below except for Mick and Penny who were just now scrambling up to the path.

The details are just now being posted but the murder occurred so long ago, I think it's outside your window.

No, Stubb; you may pound that knot there as much as you please, but you will never pound into me what you were just now saying.

We hope to grow to be dragons some day, but just now we're only dragonettes.

Stewart lays stress on the obligation of justice as distinct from benevolence; but his definition of justice represents it as essentially impartiality, - a virtue which (as was just now said of Reid's fourth principle) must equally find a place in the utilitarian or any other system that lays down universally applicable rules of morality.