Sentence Examples with the word just about

Entering their territory, he was just about to invest the capital when he was seized with an illness which proved fatal on the 15th of May 1760.

He arrived at the abbey just about the feast of St Benedict (the 21st of March 1522), and there made a confession of his life to a priest belonging to the monastery.

Except for Xander here, who seems immune to just about everything.

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The deposed sultan was allowed ET12,000 a year, and a similar amount was set aside to provide dowries for two sultanas who were just about to be married.

The Princess was just about to order Eureka's head chopped off with the Tin Woodman's axe when that brilliant personage once more arose and addressed her.

We were just about to go up in the mountains now.

Fred was referring to a coffee klatch of elderly town patriarchs whose words and advice on just about anything was often quoted in the local paper.

Dinner at the Calvias' house must be just about over.

The disintegrating speculations of an influential school of criticism in Germany were making their way among English men of culture just about the time, as is usually the case, when the tide was turning against them in their own country.

With proper training you can levitate just about anything, including yourself.