Sentence Examples with the word jurisdictional

The claims of the imperial government, jurisdictional and other, were acknowledged, only such rights of self-government being admitted as could be shown to be grounded on imperial charters.

Tom DeLeo continued doing legwork on the Wassermann case, a curious jurisdictional mess with the Federal boys in charge but legions of local flat feet in scattered municipalities doing their grunt work.

At a very early time the lords of manors exercised or claimed certain jurisdictional franchises.

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One of the chief distinguishing features of early as opposed to modern town-life is that each town formed a jurisdictional district distinct from the country around.

The burgesses of Bedford and the prior of Dunstable claimed jurisdictional freedom in those two boroughs.

As jurisdictional units, as self-administrative units and as economic units.

The consuls with the assistance of judices also presided in the law-courts; but besides the consuls of the commune there were consules de placitis specially appointed for jurisdictional purposes.

In the 10th century it became the policy of the German emperors to hand over to the bishops full jurisdictional and administrative powers within their cities.

It was not, however, the fact of their being placed under the bishop that constituted these towns as separate jurisdictional units.

Tracking him down would be difficult without stepping on the jurisdictional toes of the Norfolk Police Department.