Sentence Examples with the word jurisdiction

King John by charter of 1204 granted the bailiff of Boston sole jurisdiction in the town.

As even the extent of the jurisdiction of the bailliages was unknown, convocations were made at haphazard, according to the good pleasure of influential persons, and in these assemblies decisions were arrived at by a process that confused every variety of rights and powers, and was governed by no logical principle; and in this extreme confusion terms and affairs were alike involved.

Both places were captured in 1169 by a great expedition under the command of Valdemar and Absalon; the hideous colossal idol of Riigievit was chopped into firewood for the Danish caldrons, and the Wends were christened at the point of the sword and placed beneath the jurisdiction of the see of Roskilde.

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The jurisdiction of the court has been, except in one matter of mere antiquarian curiosity, unaffected by statute.

The original jurisdiction of the circuit courts extends to all cases both civil and criminal not exclusively conferred upon some other court, and they have appellate jurisdiction in all suits and actions begun in the lower courts.

After the, 4th century, the latter had exclusive jurisdiction (Van Espen, op. cit.

How far the official principal had jurisdiction in criminal matters by virtue of his office, how far it was usual to add this jurisdiction by special commission, and what were the respective limits of his office and that of the vicar-general, are questions of some nicety.

There was an alleged original jurisdiction of the pope, which he exercised sometimes by permanent legates, whom Gregory VII.

The administration of justice is entrusted (1) to the high council (hooge rand) at the Hague, the supreme court of the whole kingdom, and the tribunal for all high government officials and for the members of the states-general; (2) to the five courts of justice established at Amsterdam, the Hague, Arnhem, Leeuwarden and 's Hertogenbosch; (3) to tribunals established in each arrondissement; (4) to cantonal judges appointed over a group of communes, whose jurisdiction is restricted to claims of small amount (under 200 guilders), and to breaches of police regulations, and who at the same time look after the interest of minors.

In the interior the boundary fell between Casinum and Teanum Sidicinum, at about the Tooth milestone of the Via Latina - a fact which led later to the jurisdiction of the Roman courts being extended on every side to the Tooth mile from the city, and to this being the limit beyond which banishment from Rome was considered to begin.