Sentence Examples with the word junk

He was resigned to quietly reading a book until Mrs. Porter the housekeeper showed up a day early, accommodating a family wedding, and Dean's peace began competing with the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and Mrs. Porter's radio music, even worse junk than Fred's usual selections.

But, influenced by medical views and by the almost insuperable difficulty of enforcing any drastic import veto in the face of Formosa's large communications by junk with China, the Japanese finally adopted the middle course of licensing the preparation and sale of the drug, and limiting its use to persons in receipt of medical sanction.

They lapsed into an animated conversation about depression glass, antiques, and the marvels of unloading junk on Internet auctions.

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But in life--as we have elsewhere seen--this inclined plane is angularly filled up, and almost squared by the enormous superincumbent mass of the junk and sperm.

Your box of junk that Chicago guy palmed off on you probably caused my nightmare.

Returning to the delta, he took ship at Sunarganw (near Dacca) on a junk bound for Java (i.e.

He lifted her and carried her to her bedroom, finding a spot on the bed that had avoided being shredded or covered with junk from her dressers.

CBI didn't need Shipton's junk after all and I don't have the room at the office to store it.

It took five trips by the time the auction was finished and the last of the purchased junk was dumped at Bird Song.

The auctioneer just removed them later, knowing no one would buy the junk if they could see what was inside.