Sentence Examples with the word jumping

She could have reasoned with him earlier instead of jumping down his throat.

Dean asked, jumping up to move the meat from the splattering grease.

Yup. The fish are practically jumping in the boat.

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I was scared and jumping to conclusions.

The Persian jerboa (Alactaga indica) is also a nocturnal burrowing animal, feeding chiefly on grain, which it stores up in underground repositories, closing these when full, and only drawing upon them when the supply of food above ground is exhausted (see also Jumping Mouse).

The flame appears to lengthen, but if the reflection is viewed in a vertical mirror revolving about a vertical axis or in Koenig's cube of mirrors, it is seen that the flame is really intermittent, jumping up and down once with each vibration, sometimes apparently going within the jet tube at its lowest point.

Most curious of all is the courtship of the males of some species of Salticidae, or jumping spiders, which are decorated with plumes or coloured stripes or iridescent patches.

Nearly allied is the jumping Antechinomys laniger, of East Central Australia, an elegant mouse-like creature, with large oval ears, elongated limbs, a long and tufted tail and no first hind toe.

Dean said, jumping up and charging toward Baratto, who began to backpedal.

Howie yelled, jumping from his seat.