Sentence Examples with the word july 1

SIR THOMAS MAKDOUGALL BRISBANE (1773-1860), Scottish soldier and astronomer, was born on the 23rd of July 1 773 at Brisbane House, near Largs, in Ayrshire.

He was one of the leaders of the Scottish army at the battle of Halidon Hill in July 1 333; and after gaining some successes over the adherents of Edward Baliol in the west of Scotland, he and John Randolph, 3rd earl of Moray (d.

On July 1 9 he was tried at the Old Bailey, his wife assisting him in his defence.

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The Marquesas Islands were discovered on the 21st of July 1 595 by Alvaro Mendana, who, however, only knew of the southeastern group, to which he gave the name by which they are generally known (although they also bear his own), in honour of Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, marquis of Canete, viceroy of Peru, and patron of the voyage.

In this latter town took place the momentary union, which was more apparent than real, between the Latin and the Greek church (6th July 1 439).

It was immediately after taking possession of their new quarters that Neri formally organized, under permission of a bull dated July 1 5, 1 575, a community of secular priests, entitled the Congregation of the Oratory.

He was a member of the provincial congress which met at New Brunswick in July 1 774; presided over the Somerset county committee of correspondence in 1774-1775; was a member of the New Jersey constitutional convention in the spring of 1776; and from June 1776 to the autumn of 1779 and in1780-1783he was a member of the Continental Congress, where he urged the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, being the only clergyman to sign it.

The imperial troops at Krotzka on the 23rd of July 1 739 and laid siege to Belgrade, where on the 1st of September a treaty was signed, which, with the exception of the banat, surrendered everything that Austria had gained by the treaty of Passarowitz.

On June 27 and 28 and on July 1 and 3 Eck disputed with Carlstadt on the subjects of grace, free will and good works, ably defending the Roman Semipelagian standpoint.