Sentence Examples with the word judging

An important criterion for judging the period during which individual 1 For the schemes of Noldeke and Grimm see Mahommedan Religion.

Indeed, judging from another Syriac MS. of earlier date, which includes the latter writings in its canon, it seems that the Epistles on Virginity gradually replaced the earlier pair in certain Syrian churches - even should Lightfoot be right in doubting if this had really occurred by Epiphanius's day (S.

Well judging from your art collection and furnishings at Fairhaven I would guess you're about a hundred and fifty years old.

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The government in some cases recognized these tribunals as capable of judging ecclesiastical causes (Migne, ubi sup.).

This power of judging exercised by the assemblies had in the main developed from the use of the right of appeal (provocatio) against the judgments of the magistrates.

The difficulty which remains in judging him is a difficulty of statement, valuation, allowance.

Dividing the land into zones of average summer temperature, the following are the areas which would fall to each: - Judging from the figures just given, it must be conceded that a considerable area of the continent is not adapted for colonization by European races.

By the end of the century, however, owing to a great extent to the publication of the essays of Malthus, the pendulum had swung far in the opposite direction, it was thought desirable to possess the means of judging from time to time the relations between an increasing population and the means of subsistence.

To the last, judging by the specimens of Scandinavian boats which have come down to us, they must have been not very seaworthy; they were shallow, narrow in the beam, pointed at both ends, and so eminently suitable for manoeuvring (with oars) in creeks and bays.

Platon Karataev must have been fifty, judging by his stories of campaigns he had been in, told as by an old soldier.