Sentence Examples with the word judges

ASSIZE OF NORTHAMPTON, a short code of English laws issued in 1176, is drawn up in the form of instructions to six committees of three judges each, which were to visit the six circuits into which England was divided for the purpose.

References to them abound in preexilian literature: Judges xxi.

Their predominant and constant characteristic is a sober sagacity which instinctively judges aright and imperturbably realized its inspirations.

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C. 17 provided that married laymen might be judges of the courts Christian if they were doctors of civil law, created in any university.

His eldest son John, born in 1734, was distinguished as an advocate, and appointed one of the judges of the Scottish court of session, with the title of Lord Dreghorn.

The Astin-tagh, although it occupies a similar position to the twin ranges of the Western Kuen-lun, in that it forms the outermost escarpment or border-ridge on the north of the Tibetan plateau,would appear in the opinion of the most competent judges (e.g.

The military organization is provided with an elaborate code and systems of military courts, which culminate in a supreme military tribunal composed of 15 judges holding office for life, of which 8 are general army officers, 4 general naval officers and 3 civil judges.

But although it was very natural that a later rearrangement should transfer Ruth from the Hagiographa to the historical books, and place it between Judges and Samuel, no motive can be suggested for the opposite change, and the presumption is that it found a place in the last part of the Jewish canon after the second (with the historical books) had been definitely closed.

Soon after, Catiline, having bribed both judges and accuser, was acquitted in the trial for extortion.

In 1758 questions arose as to its application to persons in naval or military custody, including pressed men, which led to the introduction of a bill in parliament and to the consultation by the House of Lords of the judges (see Wilmot's Opinions, p. 77).