Sentence Examples with the word jude

T seq.; Jude 6, 14 seq., see Charles, Jub.

The charter of Elizabeth granted a three days' fair at e the feast of SS Simon and Jude (Oct.

On the priority of Jude see especially against Spitta Zur Gesch.u.

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There was no question he wanted to nail Mr. Jude Bryce.

R, Jude 8) priority cannot be determined; and the use of i John iii.

Simon and Jude are still held, also five other fairs of uncertain origin.

The use of apocryphal literature in Jude itself may account for much of the critical disposition toward it of many subsequent writers.

For Jewish and other legends (to which Jude 9 alludes), see Beer, Leben Moses (1863), M.

If this appearance be not fallacious, the obvious relation between the two superscriptions will be best explained by the supposition that the author of Jude gave currency to the existing homily (James) before composing under the pseudonym of Jude.

On the other hand, practically the whole of Jude is taken up into 2 Pet., the author merely avoiding, so far as he discovers them, the quotations from apocryphal writings, and prefixing and affixing sections of his own to refute the heretical eschatology.