Sentence Examples with the word judas

Warned by the change of his friend's manner Judas fled.

Kennett's Schweich Lecture (1909), The Composition of the Book of Isaiah in thelLight of Archaeology and History, an interesting attempt at a synthesis of results, is a brightly written b'ut scholarly sketch of the growth of the book of Isaiah, which went on till thegreat success of the Jews under Judas Maccabaeus.

I-3) .1 True to their antecedents, the Ammonites, with some of the neighbouring tribes, did their utmost to resist and check the revival of the Jewish power under Judas Maccabaeus (1 Macc. v.

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But the quotations and references in Aphraates, Ephraem and the Acts of Judas Thomas show that it was known, even if not often used.

When, however, Lysias returned in force to renew the contest, Judas had to fall back upon the Temple mount, and escaped defeat only because the Syrian leader was obliged to hasten back to Antioch in order to prevent a rival from seizing the regency.

Daub in his Judas Ishcarioth argued that a finite evil presupposes an absolute evil, and the absolute evil as real must be in a person.

It is said that the day chosen by Judas for the setting up of the new altar was the anniversary of that on which Antiochus had set up the pagan altar; hence it is suggested (e.g.

Among its peculiarities is the fact that Judas Thomas is regarded as the twin brother of Christ.

Under Judas Maccabeus the outlaws wandered up and down re-establishing by force their proscribed religion.

The siege was raised, more probably in consequence of the death of Antiochus Epiphanes than because Judas had gained any real victory.