Sentence Examples with the word judaea

In Judaea the Essenes before the time of Christ lived a fully organized monastic life (see Schiirer, Jewish People, Ii.

He crushed the rebellion of Timarchus in Media and reduced Judaea to new subjection.

ANTONIUS FELIX, Roman procurator of Judaea (A.D.

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Others shared this conviction: Strabo speaks of embassies from Egypt and Judaea bearing presents - one deposited in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus bore the inscription of Alexander, the king of the Jews.

Festus found Judaea infested with robbers and the sicarii, who mingled with the crowds at the feasts and stabbed their enemies with the daggers (sicae) from which their name was derived.

Judas avenged them by burning the harbour and the shipping, and set to work to bring into Judaea all such communities of Jews who had kept themselves separate from their heathen neighbours.

It seems that the Zealots made more headwa y in Galilee than in Judaea - so much so that the terms Galilean and Zealot are practically interchangeable.

Caesarea, indeed, as a city of mixed population and lying just outside Judaea proper - a place, moreover, where Timothy might have become known during Paul's two years' detention there - would satisfy many conditions of the problem.

Simon then constructed a new citadel, north of the Temple, to take the place of the Acra, and established in Judaea the Asmonean dynasty, which lasted for nearly a century, when the Roman republic began to make its influence felt in Syria.

And V.) which may reasonably be assigned to the Temple at Jerusalem uses freely the name min', it may be inferred that the district where an objection was felt to writing the Tetragrammaton was some distance from Jerusalem, and probably not in such close touch with it as most of the country districts of Judaea would be.