Sentence Examples with the word jovian

Julian pressed forward to Ctesiphon but succumbed to a wound; and his successor Jovian soon found himself in such straits, that he could only extricate himself and his army by a disgraceful peace at the close of 363, which ceded the possessions on the Tigris and the great fortress of Nisibis, and pledged Rome to abandon Armenia and her Arsacid protg, Arsaces III., to the Persian.

His success encouraged the Academy to propose, in 1766, as a theme for competition, the hitherto unattempted theory of the Jovian system.

Achromatic. The Jovian system has been reinforced by three remote and extremely faint members, two Perrine.

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During his return to Constantinople Jovian was found dead in his bed at Dadastana, halfway between Ancyra and Nicaea.

Then Mesopotamia enjoyed two short rests (separated by a sharp struggle) while the rivals were engaged elsewhere, when in 363 Julian made his disastrous attempt, and Jovian bought peace at the price, among other things, of Singara and Nisibis - i.e.

In Syriac literature Jovian became the hero of a Christian romance (G.

Though ceded by Jovian to the Persians it again became annexed to the Roman empire, and in the reign of Anastasius (A.D.

The Earl of Anglesey (1682); A Letter of Remarks upon Jovian (1683); other works ascribed to him being The King's Right of Indulgence in Matters Spiritual.

At his hands Ephraim seems to have received baptism at the age of 18 or of 28 (the two recensions differ on this point), and remained at Nisibis till its surrender to the Persians by Jovian in 363.

Peter Wargentin (1717-1783), secretary to the Swedish Academy of Sciences, made a special study of the Jovian system.