Sentence Examples with the word josh

Even Josh couldn't contain a chuckle.

It was past nine when Alex and Josh paid their bills, and the faint sound of thunder met them at the door.

The two together formed a totally incompatible combination, yet Josh Mulligan, at least according to the curmudgeons, was a runner, too.

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And then again weeks later when Josh had caught them kissing in the barn.

Grandfather Ed Plotke learned Josh worked for Paul Dawkins and he wrote to Paul in California.

But Josh had not been motivated enough to hurt him.

He had known her less than a week when he defended her bravely against Josh the first time.

Judging by what she has told me, I don't think Josh actually intends her any physical harm.

She fell to the floor and Alex glanced at her, allowing his attention to stray from Josh for a second.

It was hard to believe Josh left Lori out of his will completely.