Sentence Examples with the word jordan

In 1908 the following mines produced more than 5,000,000 lb each of lead: Silver King at Park City, the Colorado in the Tintic district, the Daly West and the Daly Judge in the Park City district, and the Old Jordan and the Telegraph at Bingham, and there were fifteen other mines that produced between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000 lb of lead.

Most often it is applied comprehensively to the population of the entire west Jordan land and its preIsraelitish inhabitants.

Hoskins, The Jordan Valley and Petra (1905); the conjectural sketch by I.

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After six months a breach was made in the city, Zedekiah's flight was cut off in the Jordan Valley and he was taken to Nebuchadrezzar at Riblah.

Dr David Starr Jordan was the first president of the university in 1885-1891, when it was thoroughly reorganized and its curriculum put on the basis of major subjects and departments.

Merrill, East of the Jordan (1881); T.

One species occurs in Baluchistan, which is perhaps outside of the Indian region, but the fact of its being found there may be a reason for including that country within the region, just as the presence of another species in the Jordan valley induces zoographers to regard the Ghor as an outlier of the Ethiopian region.

This little plateau, about a mile east of the present village of Mukhmas, seems to have been the post of the Philistines, lying close to the centre of the insurrection, yet possessing unusually good communication with their establishments on Mount Ephraim by way of Ai and Bethel, and at the same time commanding the routes leading down to the Jordan from Ai and from Michmash itself.

WILHELM JORDAN (1819-1904), German poet and novelist, was born at Insterburg in East Prussia on the 8th of February 1819.

Above the Mediterranean; but, as seen from the west, the relative height is very much increased by the depression of the Jordan valley.