Sentence Examples with the word jolt

It needed but a jolt to bring down the crazy anachronism, and the jolt came when, in 1558-60, floods of Muscovites poured over the land, threatening the whole province with destruction.

When the stopping jolt came, it nearly knocked the wind out of him with its abruptness, but he'd fallen only to the level of Shipton's knees.

Jackson felt a jolt go straight through to his core, leaving him breathless.

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The wolf's were Elisabeth's, and he felt the familiar jolt he always had from her.

At every jolt he again felt unendurable pain; his feverishness increased and he grew delirious.

Something warm touched her back, and a jolt of hot electricity made her sit upright.

She recalled her night with a jolt and sat, expecting men to leap from the shadows to rape her.