Sentence Examples with the word joking

He thought she was joking but when she returned with a full pint of vodka, he realized she was serious.

She relaxed some over dinner, even joking with her cousins.

They'd been joking and sparring and having a good time.

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I was joking about being afraid of assuming his debts.

Two young citizens were joking with some serf girls who were cracking nuts.

Mephistophilis has the kobold qualities: he not only waits upon Faustus and provides him with sumptuous fare; he indulges in horse-play and is addicted to practical joking of a homely kind.

He was joking about the fact that you don't accept joint ownership of anything.

You've got to be joking - the house overlooking yours.

Her friend hadn't been joking about her being considered petite and unique.

He was one of the executors of Edward IV.'s will in 1483, and the story of the future Richard III., while preparing Morton's arrest, joking with him about the strawberries the bishop grew in his garden at Holborn is well known and apparently authentic. Oxford University in vain petitioned for Morton's release, and after some weeks in the Tower he was entrusted to the duke of Buckingham's charge at Brecknock.